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Peak Producers

We are excited to let you know about a fantastic opportunity for you! We are facilitating the new Peak Producers program and we hope you’ll sign up to participate:

What is Peak Producers?

Student Kit

Peak Producers is a 12 week training program featuring industry expert Brian Buffini & top producer Joe Niego. You’ll enjoy Brian’s motivational Irish wit as he presents practical how-tos, effective dialogues, real-world tips and more. Plus, this program comes with a complete student kit and a robust Online Resource Center – all the marketing materials and resources you’ll need to become a Peak Producer.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate leads & close more transactions
  • Overcome peaks & valleys in your income
  • Identify the 7 types of negotiators & how to win
  • Get every buyer off the fence
  • Navigate price reductions like a pro
  • Conquer the chaos of this business
  • Be a professional, profitable business owner in any market

Expected Results in     just 12 weeks: Generate 10 leads & close 3 extra transactions

Invest in your business for just $395 (or just $295 for existing members)
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*Facilitator ID: DUN-KA-001

The Peak Producers official website is:

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The next "Peak Producers" Training Program begins:
January 16, 2012 (Monday through Friday),
then will be every Tuesday through April 3rd.

All Classes are from  10:00am - noon in the training room:

Week 1: Intro / Videos
Week 2: Hunter/Farmer + Introduction Call
Week 3: 3 C's + Mayor Campaign
Week 4: Time Management + Open House
Week 5: Client Sequence + Floor Time
Week 6: Power of the CAP + Follow Up Call
Week 7: Building Character + Pop-Bys
Week 8: "Win the Day" + Dialogue Review
Week 9: Finances + The Dance (4R's)
Week 10: Goal Setting + Buyer Presentation
Week 11: Objection Handling + PreListing Appt
Week 12: Power of Accountability + Listing Appt
Files/Related Materials for Class:
  • All Forms/Templates can be downloaded in the LIBRARY