About Laurie Johansen

Laurie Johansen

Associate Broker

Direct: (360) 903-1035

Laurie is a California native having grown up in Belmont in the South Bay Area. In 1989 she moved to Vancouver with her husband Mike and two children. Both her son and daughter are in college working on masters and bachelor degrees respectively.

Prior to becoming a broker, Laurie worked in the retail industry for 18 years at Nordstrom. After leaving Nordstrom, she spent eight years as a broker’s administrative assistant. This in-depth experience of the real estate field was a natural transition for her to get her license in 2014. Since then, Laurie has bought/sold over 35 homes—including three for her personally.

Laurie, thank you for all your efforts and cummunication in getting this closed. You were personable, proficient, and highly responsive, making it a pleasure to work with you. Unfortunately these traits are not a given in this industry, and it's always amazing to me how much more seamless and enjoyable it makes the whole process when someone like you is on the other end of it. ~Todd W